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What is Lebanese lemonade? Unlike common lemonades, Lebanese lemonade is made using the traditional method of macerating the lemons , resulting in an extra delicious flavor thanks to the oils from the lemon rinds. Plus a splash of orange blossom water makes it irresistible!

Why you'll love it: Lebanese lemonade is bright, tangy, sweet, floral, and so flavorful! It is the perfect refreshing drink for the entire family to enjoy this summer.

"I made this with Meyer lemons. It was so easy to make and the smell is ammaaazzzing!"

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What you'll need:

- Fresh lemons - Sugar - Water - Orange blossom water - Rose water (optional)


Wash, roll, and cut the lemons into slices or quarters. Measure out the sugar and set aside.


Combine the sliced lemons and sugar in a large bowl until fully coated.


Mash the lemons with the sugar and let them sit to release their juices and dissolve the sugar.


Strain the lemon syrup and squeeze the lemons to get as much juice out as possible.


Fill a glass with lots of ice, some lemon syrup, and enough water to dilute it to your liking.


Add some orange blossom water and rose water if desired, stir, and enjoy!

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